Starry skies, beer and silent nights


A June evening, Misorano villa area, Hakuba Village, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

The mountain air is cool and the silence deepens as I sit down on the blue sofa at Shelter Hakuba.

The people around you have already fallen asleep, and the silence is as if time has stopped. Looking up at the starry sky, you have a cold craft beer in your hand. And on the table is the book I brought with me.

The wind ruffles the trees and the rustle of leaves is faintly audible, and you take a sip of your beer. The cool liquid quenches your throat and its freshness spreads throughout your body. Spending time alone on a quiet evening like this is the most luxurious thing of all. A time to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and face yourself in a space surrounded by trees.

The mountains of Hakuba maintain their presence in the darkness, breathing heavily behind you.

Take another sip of beer and breathe deeply. The quiet nights I spend at Shelter Hakuba slowly heal my mind. In this way, I was quietly enjoying this luxurious time alone.

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