Complimentary BBQ set available

Hello, this is SHELTER Hakuba.
We would like to inform you about our BBQ set up.
The most common inquiry we receive at our villa is “Can we have a BBQ? Do you rent out equipment?” We are happy to answer this question.

Yes, we do.
At SHELTER Hakuba, we rent BBQ sets free of charge, as requested by many guests.

*We do not rent during the winter season.


・Free BBQ Set
Twin cassette stove (made by Iwatani)
Chair(Snow Peak FD Chair Wide
Cups and plates
*Please bring your own food and cassette gas.

This Grill Star is a cassette stove type, so you can start BBQing right away without having to start the charcoal. No need to start a fire and no need to clean up after the charcoal, so you can enjoy BBQ without hassle. It is quite a burden to dispose of charcoal. We have prepared this product because of its cleanup-friendly specifications.

We also have BBQ grills that can be used with charcoal to satisfy those who prefer a real charcoal fire.

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Ideal for early morning yoga 

The wooden deck behind the cottage was newly built this summer. The sense of unity that seems to be connected to the living and dining room is unique to the villa. It has a good flow line from the kitchen and is perfect for BBQ. BBQing while overlooking the forest of Misorano will be a wonderful villa experience.

If you would like to rent a BBQ set, please feel free to let us know when you make a reservation for your stay.

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*We do not rent during the winter season.

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