Discover the best spaces for workcations

Shelter Hakuba is an ideal rental villa for workcation.
In this issue, we will introduce a spot that is easy to use as a workspace.

5 spaces ideal for workcations

1F: Living room table
1F: Dining table
2nd floor: Multi-purpose space
2nd floor: Work table in each bedroom

What is “workcation”?
A coined word (bag word) combining the words “work” (labor) and “vacation” (vacation). Major media in English-speaking countries spell it as “workcation”[1][2]. A way of spending a vacation while working, utilizing telework (remote work) in tourist areas and resorts. It is distinguished from telecommuting or teleworking in a rented office. It is positioned as part of the encouragement of “new routines” in response to the change in work styles and the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection.


1st floor: Living room table (max. 5 persons)

This space is easy to use for reading materials and meetings.

1st floor: Dining table (max. 8 persons)


The dining table is spacious, making it suitable for working with a laptop computer or spreading out materials. Power supply is easy to secure, so it is recommended for those who want to work sitting down. Of course, it is also ideal for meetings with several people.

Second floor: 2-bedroom minimalist workspace for 1 person

A small work table is available in each bedroom. You can immerse yourself in your work in a quiet space.
Extension cords are available.

Second floor: 3-bedroom minimalist workspace for 1 person

2nd floor: Multipurpose workspace (~2 people)

The best workspace at Shelter Hakuba is the multipurpose space on the second floor.
With a beautiful view from the wide windows, you can develop ideas and organize your thoughts in a relaxed state.
The Cappellini Thinking Man chair is made of steel and seems hard at first glance, but when you sit in it, the elasticity of the seat makes it strangely comfortable. It is an addictive chair.

Cappellini’s Thinking Man’s Chair

Modern design master Jasper Morrison designed this Thinking Man’s Chair by the Italian company Cappellini.

Designed in 1986 at the request of Cappellini and manufactured in 1989. It is a representative work designed by Jasper Morrison in his early years and is featured in 1000 Chairs published by Taschen. Originally designed as a drinking chair for placing glasses on a table, the name was changed after being inspired by the slogan “The Thinking Man’s Smoke” of a pipe cleaner purchased to make the chair model.


These are the shelters Hakuba recommended for workcation.
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Shelter Hakuba is a rental villa in Misorano, Hakuba that is ideal for work vacations. The free BBQ set, yoga mats, and other facilities are also very popular. Please visit us for a comfortable vacation home experience in Hakuba, Japan.

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